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Those Among Us That Least Deserve To Struggle

Yellow Boat of HOPE Foundation - January 03, 2018

If there are people in this world that least deserve to struggle, its children trying to go to school. Multiple communities in the Philippines have students that go through borderline extreme measures just to get to their schools. We have children having to wade through running rivers, swim, or walk for numerous hours and then do the same thing on their way home from their classes.

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation dedicates their mission to these children. Their goal is to locate communities with similar circumstances and inject their help and initiatives in making their situations a whole lot better. One of the first things they did was to donate yellow school boats much like school buses to these communities so that students won’t have to go through any kind of struggle going to their respective schools. From there, they also expanded into providing other modes of transport and even structures like bridges and dormitories near the schools to make life easier for the students trying to build a foundation for their own lives.

What’s even better with Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is that they realized that what they’re doing isn’t just helping these students. They also saw an opportunity to help the community itself by using what they’ve done to create livelihood programs and jobs for families who also struggle to make a living.

Since they started their mission, they have donated over 2400 boats to 41 communities and counting. This is on top of all the other initiatives that they’ve been starting. And with all these good that this foundation wants to do for these communities, they are also in need of a lot more help. They are currently looking for volunteers, donations, or people to simply bring to their attention new communities to reach out to. There are a lot of ways to help this inspired Charity Organization but not doing anything isn’t one of them.


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