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Now THIS could be the SMARTEST way all of us can help our fellow Filipinos

SEED4COM - December 04, 2017

Our country is a usual victim of super typhoons like Yolanda and Haiyan. Millions of people are drastically affected by the calamities that result from these super typhoons. Every year, something like this is almost sure to happen and hundreds of thousands of families are left homeless and (even worse) without any source of living because of the absence of power supply.

SEED4COM aims to solve this problem the right way fit for this era. SEED4COM (Sustainable Energy and Enterprise Development for Communities) is a Charity Organization that was founded to help improve human conditions and empowering poverty-stricken areas, rural, and last-mile communities in the Philippines. This Organization wants to spur restoration, rehabilitation, and sustainable growth in these areas which is especially crucial to places directly affected by calamities. SEED4COM focuses on providing clean energy solutions, capacity building, and rural entrepreneurship as key solutions to this problem.

In partnership with the Project EnKindle, they have already deployed Class 1 (50-80 Watts) renewable energy (RE) systems in 24 different places for the power needs and charging facilities for communities, schools, local churches, crab farming facility, fisher folks, women hat weavers, and indigenous peoples, among others. 

They have also deployed Class 2 RE System and installed hybrid wind solar systems with a capacity of 600 watts in 2 communities from Leyte and Cebu, which were both devastated by the typhoon. SEED4COM does not only focus on renewable energy, they are also the team behind the initiative 'Let's Do It Philippines.'

As this organization continues to bring the change our country needs, we can still contribute to their noble mission. SEED4COM is in need of funds to produce and distribute more units of their Renewable Energy systems. There are still thousands of families that need this kind of lift from them. Aside from that, there are still other ways you can help them as a volunteer. You may visit their website here to find out more about how you can help and support them




NQ Mother Ignacia Village, Pulpogan, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines.