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Pago De Caridad Manifesto

AltPayNet - September 09, 2017

Pago de Caridad, an initiative of AltPayNet, was created to make a difference in the Charity Eco­system. Using AltPayNet's payment technology, our main goal is to improve the way people donate to the many Charities in need of help to keep doing what they're doing. To achieve this, we are now developing a safe and easy way to discover and donate money to these Charities online. 

However, we realize that we shouldn't wait any longer to start acting on the core principle of our goal: giving Charities a little push to help get them through. Which is why we're launching the 'Charity Watch' campaign. 

The campaign is simple. We're going to feature as much Charities as we can on our social media pages and here on our website to help show the world their cause and inspire more action towards their purpose. We're going to post blogs, videos, photos, infographics, etc. about the different Charities that we encounter and learn about in hopes of giving them the spotlight they very much deserve. We hope that each and every person who stumbles upon our content comes to appreciate what these everyday heroes do and be inspired to push their causes forward.


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