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The Philippine was the 3rd 'Best' in this category

Let's Do It Philippines - December 04, 2017

Here's a (not so) fun fact: The Philippines was ranked 3rd top source of plastic leaking into oceans last February 2015. Garbage disposal in our country has been one of the top issues for our environment and the trivia above is just one manifestation of it. 

The organization 'Let's Do It Philippines' has been on a mission to combat this problem ever since it began in September 2012. Let's Do It Philippines was inspired by the very first 'Let's Do It' movement in Estonia (2008) where 50,000 people (5% of their population) got together and cleaned up 10,000 tons of garbage from their forests in just 5 hours. Something that would have taken their government 3 years to accomplish. Since then, the Let's Do It movement evolved to become a global effort which resulted in the making of Let's Do It Philippines in 2012. 

LDIPH wants to solve and bring awareness to the illegal disposal of waste. Their plan, similar to the very first LDI movement, is to convince at least 5 percent of our entire population to join their Clean-up activities every 3rd week of September in the different places of the Philippines that are affected by illegal waste disposal. They have been going out to educate people about the proper handling of waste and how to abide with the laws in place in our country regarding waste management. 

This year could be the year you and your friends could participate in the movement. There's a lot you can do to help LDIPh with their mission of keeping the Philippines clean. Volunteer. Help spread the word. Donate. Or you could even just be a better and more mindful citizen and still support their cause. That's the least we can do to help them help our own country become a better place to live in. 


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